Road map

Registration CryptMix inc.

October 2017
Done 100%
January 2018
Done 100%

CMX Platfom invention

April 2018
Done 100%

Russian community start-up

May 2018
Done 100%

Smart-contract initiation

June 2018
Done 100%

Development of the new software functionality at the platform

July 2018
Done 100%

World wide community start-up

August 2018
Done 100%

First payments to the participants

September 2018
Done 100%

Startup of the possibilities of the CMX tokens buying and selling

October-November 2018
Done 55%

Receiving payments in CMX tokens

November 2018
Done 100%

Start of selling CMX tokens at the exchange

January 2018
Done 17%

Development of new software for the CMX platform

February 2019
Выполнено 25%

CMX token


CMX – ERC20 token is assigned to each platform participant for completed tasks.

CMX is not ICO, neither crowdfunding nor crowdinvesting. We do not collect any investments, donations or anything else. This is already a working platform, its participants are the main asset of the platform. The more active the participants are, the more valuable and more useful the service is. The more valuable the service is, the higher the value of the CMX token is. The value of the CMX token raises due to the lack of the ability to buy them from the issuer directly. Each CMX token in account activity means that a new participant joined the platform, or the service was provided to the customer, or valuable information about the project was distributed to the unlimited number of people

The emission is 78,789,288 CMX tokens. Increase in the number of tokens is impossible.

CMX Token

Contract: 0x027a6a537002CF5Ad75E129CF1a05dCffd18c8fc



The CryptMix has no right to sell CMX tokens before issuing them in circulation, including the exchange. The first accrual of CMX tokens is carried out exclusively as a reward for the completed tasks. There are no other ways to get CMX tokens before the token cycle.

The owner of CMX tokens, who received them as a reward, uses them according to his own decision. You can also sell tokens at the exchange or at our platform.

The first payment of CMX tokens is planned for the 20/09/2018 to 30/09/2018.

Buy-back transaction is impossible. The issuer does not buy CMX tokens for any financial assets.

Participation in Airdrop and Bounty programs, subscriptions, likes, share etc. in social networks.

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